Our stripgirl's resolution lasts all of 15 minutes ...

Story by Harvey
Frame 1
It is New Year's Eve and for once Carrie is not out partying. Looking delicious as ever in a shortie see-through nightie with skimpy matching knickers, she is getting ready for bed.

The bedside clock reads five to twelve. The calendar on the dressing table has 31st December circled and written on it, Carrie notices, "New Year's Resolution!!!"
Frame 2
Carrie opens the drawer of her dressing table and takes out a box.
Close up on the box, we read the lable which says

Buzzing Bertie
the single girl's best friend
Frame 3
Carrie is safely tucked up in bed.
We see the dildo box poking out of the wastepaper bin at the side.
Frame 4
The clock reads five past twelve.
Carrie tosses and turns fitfully in bed.
Frame 5
Ten past twelve.
Carrie can't get to sleep.
Frame 6
Twelve fifteen.
Carrie is out bed.
She rummages in the bin with one hand, and treats us to a beautiful 'full moon' as the other hand yanks down her knickers.
Frame 7 and 8 [Double Panel]
Carrie is stretched out full length on the bed, legs wide apart, a look of bliss on her face, giving "Buzzing Bertie" the workout of his life.

We see that the unfortunate calendar (with its equally unfortunate reminder) has been dumped unceremoniously in the bin.

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