In appreciation of Wimbledon
Our stripgirl's forgetfullness causes a sensation on court and finishes with a cry for new balls.

Story by "Robbo"
Frame 1
Carrie's bedroom. The alarm clock shows 9:30am, next to the clock is a note saying "Tennis Club Mixed Doubles Final, 10am".
Carrie, in see-through nightie that his slipped to expose her boobs, is in a panic.
Frame 2
The hallway, leaving the house dressed in a mini-skirt & halter top, Carrie grabs her sports bag with tennis gear.
Frame 3
The changing room: Carrie is standing naked, hands on head. She has turned out her bag in which there is no sign of any underwear.
Frame 4
On court, Carrie is dressed in a short, strappy tennis dress. She's bending over ready to play, her partner is distracted by the view.
Frame 5
Carrie reaches up to play a smash. The dress flares up exposing her lower half.

At the same time the thin straps on the dress, under much strain, snap and Carrie's boobs spring out.
Frame 6
The ball is still in play, and Carrie, desperately trying to hold up her dress, chases the ball, careening into her partner.
Frames 7 and 8
Carrie is now naked, astride her partner whose shorts are round his ankles.
Her male opponent is vaulting the net, and her female opponent is standing, hands on hips, clearly in disgust at the scene unfolding before her.

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