Our stripgirl's walk in the park has 'cat'astrophic consequences

Story by Harvey
Frame 1
A fine day in the park - young children are playing, mothers push babies in prams, the birds are singing and all is right with the world. In the distance we can see a playground area with swings and a toddlers' roundabout.

Carrie is walking her cat on a leash. Like her mistress the cat is immaculately groomed, perhaps with a ribbon round her neck, and like her mistress she looks haughtily at everyone who passes.
Frame 2
Carrie and her pet are entering an area signposted as "Dog walking area" but Carrie is so busy posing she has not noticed the sign. A Park Keeper some way off sees them and shouts a warning, waving his arms but Carrie either doesn't hear or chooses to ignore him.
Frame 3
Several dog owners, walking their animals, looking bemused, concerned or alarmed at the sight of Carrie and the cat. The dogs have spotted the cat and their hackles go up.
Frame 4
Too late Carrie has sensed what is about to happen and picked the cat up. Fortunately for its sake the cat is a bit more ahead of the game. The terrified animal leaps for the nearest tree taking the majority of Carrie's blouse with it in its claws.
Frame 5

Dogs of all shapes and sizes, desperate for a bit of the cat, pull their owners over, through puddles, through bushes. All is no longer right with the world.
Frame 6
The Park Keeper has arrived to join the angry dog owners slowly descending on poor Carrie.
Frames 7 and 8 [Double Panel]
Carrie is lashed face down across the toddlers' roundabout by a couple of dog leads. Her skirt is pulled up and her knickers are round her ankles. As the roundabout revolves the dog owners and the park keeper take turns to whip her bare backside with dog leads.

In the distance the dogs surround the tree in which the cat has taken refuge.

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