When she tangles with the latest pop sensation our stripgirl loses her clothes in record time.

Story by Brian Bower
Frame 1
Carrie is seen on a flight of steps outside the office of a record company with a beautiful girl who is holding a guitar, obviously a popstar.
Carrie is wearing a sash with "KING RECORDS" (?) on it.
Other side of the pop-star is a pretty police woman in shirt sleeve order. Crowds of fans seen from the back are rushing forward.
Frame 2
Carrie and the police woman start to try to fend off the crowd rushing forward.
Frame 3
Carrie, the police woman and the pop-star start to go down, being submerged by onrushing fans.
Frame 4
The three girls are seen on the ground, just arms and hands coming in from the edge of the picture tearing and ripping at their clothes.
Frame 5
Similar picture to Frame 4 - still just hands and arms removing more clothing.
Frame 6
The pop-star is seen crawling, completely naked, up the steps towards the building.
Fans are seen happily leaving showing each other their souvenirs" of the pop-star.
Frames 7 and 8 [Double Panel]

To the left, a group of policemen are going off showing each other souvenirs they got off the police woman.
To the right a group of men going off showing each other souvenirs they got off Carrie.

A large picture of Carrie and the police woman. The policewoman is sitting on the pavement looking in horror at Carrie. She is wearing just suspender belt (black) and one black nylon round her ankle.
Carrie is totally nude sitting on the pavement looking at the police woman and looking absolutely fed up!

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