In a departure from our usual features this month we showcase the work of Angus McBride (Mayfair's "McB"), who created some truly beautiful work - including the excellent "Adam's Eves" series (below). Like Carrie's Don Lawrence, McBride was also a regular contributor to the children's magazine Look and Learn, where he became one of the magazine’s most popular artists.

McBride was educated at Canterbury Cathedral Choir School and taught himself illustration. At the age of 16 he joined an advertising agency, his career interrupted by National Service two years later. He subsequently emigrated to South Africa where he was to work for the next ten years. He returned to England in 1961 and freelanced for various magazines, specialising in historical illustrations. In the 1970s he began producing illustrations for Osprey, who specialise in military books, and over a period of three decades has produced over 90 titles. He died in Ireland on 15 May 2007, aged 76.

One of McB's most fondly remembered contributions to Mayfair was the excellent Adam's Eves series

Mayfair Vol 10 No 8

Susie page 1 Susie page 2
Susie the English Rose

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Mayfair Vol 10 No 9

Cynthia page 1 Cynthia page 1
Cynthia the worrier

Mayfair Vol 10 No 10

Joanna page 1 Joanna page 2

Joanna the music lover

Mayfair Vol 10 No 11

Inga page 1 Inga page 2
Doubting Inga

Mayfair Vol 10 No 12

Patricia page 1 Patricia page 2
Patricia the traditionalist

Mayfair Vol 11 No 1

Marian page 1 Marian page 2
Marian with the social conscience

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