Carrie has graciously agreed to me taking a little corner of her Den to do pretty much what I like with. So let's hope what I like is what you like too ...

Santa's (not so little) helpers

I have said it before - Carrie artist Steve Kingston leads a charmed life. As if it wasn't enough to have all those Carrie adventures running through your head, he frequently finds himself in the company of real life Carrie's, as this little collection of photos demonstrates.

I ask you, how many guys would be fortunate enough to find themselves at a Christmas Party surrounded by a bevy of beautiful elves?

The lovely Sophie

The chief elf's name is Sophie, age 22. That's her in the red dress above striking a 'Carrie' pose.

(And this guy has the cheek to claim he works hard for a living!)


Alison Angel is only too happy to share her charms

Oh go on, then, click me!

Just use your mouse to encourage her.
(Click if you want her to assume the position ... )

Laura and Sophie The lovely Sophie Katie, Sarah, Laura Jayne, Laura and Sophie Laura and Sophie

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