Carrie has graciously agreed to me taking a little corner of her Den to do pretty much what I like with. So let's hope what I like is what you like too.
This month I have been reflecting on ...

The Joys of Working out

Carrie's Aerobic Workout page one Carrie's Aerobic Workout page two

Grandma Muller always used to say that the secret of a long life is a clean mind and a healthy body.
Always. She was quite a conversationalist.

Poor Carrie's efforts to keep herself in shape don't always go according to plan.
Nor, it has to be said, do they do much to help the rest of us with that bit about a clean mind ...

And young Topanga here is another lass intent on keeping her fine young body in shape.
Mind you all that stretching and bending can leave a girl feeling very hot and bothered. Fortunately in the pictures below you can use your mouse to help her keep cool.

(A word of caution:
You might try working the mouse with your left hand, keeping your right hand for anything that might pop up.)

Phew, this is hard work guys ....

Oh go on, then, click me! Oh go on, then, click me! Oh go on, then, click me! Oh go on, then, click me!
Wanna help me strip off a bit?
(Click if you want a closer view ... )

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