Carrie has graciously agreed to me taking a little corner of her Den to do pretty much what I like with. So let's hope what I like is what you like too ...

Over the years Carrie artist Steve Kingston's artwork has tended to diverge into two major genres - the female form, epitomised by our favourite stripgirl, and his wildlife studies (try Google-ing "Leopard on a Limb"). The two interests coincided (to spectacular effect) in the event below - a genuine piece of Steve Kingston art.

The young lady featured, Demi, wanted to be painted as a tiger and approached Kingston. At first he misunderstood and reached for his sketchbook. "No", she explained, "I want to be painted AS A TIGER."

Ably assisted by Martin, sometime Carrie photographer and part-time paint mixer, Steve spent a pleasant afternoon working with body paint with the results you can see here - before and after. We did ask Steve whether (and where) he had signed his masterpiece but he declined to comment.He did tell us that Demi was delighted with the results.

(And this guy has the cheek to claim he works hard for a living!)


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