by Steve Kingston

Carrie's Aerobics Workout (Mayfair Working Title "Keep Fit")
Everyone warms up when Carrie has a work-out.
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 6 - June 1985)
Carrie at the Airport
Carrie's holiday starts with an airport take-off.
(Mayfair Vol. 16 No. 8 - August 1981)
Carrie the Angler
When Carrie Goes Angling she proves the biggest catch.
(Mayfair Vol. 14 No. 5 - May 1979)
Carrie the April Fool
Unsuspecting Carrie falls victim to the April Fool's Pranksters.
(Mayfair Vol. 15 No. 4 - April 1980)
Carrie and the Artist
Our stripgirl hits the canvas when she helps out an artist.
(Mayfair Vol. 19 No. 9 - September 1984)
Carrie's Audition
Carrie's parts refresh the roles others strive for.
(Mayfair Vol. 18 No. 10 - October 1983)
Carrie at the Awards Ceremony
A fine mess for Carrie as she gets her just desserts.
(Mayfair Vol. 18 No. 11 - November 1983)

Carrie the Babysitter
Carrie gets hung up at Christmas as her best present gets unwrapped.
(Mayfair Vol. 14 No. 12 - December 1979)
Carrie the Balloonist
A balloon flight brings Carrie back to earth with a bump.
(Mayfair Vol. 12 No. 7 - July 1977)
Carrie in the Bath Tub (Mayfair Working Title "False Eyelashes")
Carrie lashes out in a blinking bath tub battle.
(Mayfair Vol. 21 No. 1 - January 1986)
Carrie and the Beauty Contest
Carrie's ripping rivals can't stop her beauty contest success.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 8 - August 1978)
Carrie and the Blocked Road
When the bough breaks, down come her panties and all.
(Mayfair Vol. 18 No. 8 - August 1983)
Carrie the Bell Ringer
Bell ringing takes a striking toll on our ding-dong girl.
(Mayfair Vol. 14 No. 6 - June 1979)
Carrie's "Bob-A-Job"
(Mayfair Working Title "Scouts Job Week")
Carrie's "bob-a-job" offer turns out to be costly.
(Mayfair Vol. 22 No. 5 - May 1987)
Carrie and the Bob Sleigh Team
Carrie slips up but its snow joke for the German pranksters.
(Mayfair Vol. 16 No. 12 - December 1981)
Carrie's Lost Budgie (Mayfair Working Title "The Budgie")
Who's a pretty girl? Our stripbird's budgie soon finds out.
(Mayfair Vol. 21 No. 2 - February 1986)
Carrie at the Bull Fight
A horny situation when stripgirl Carrie goes bullfighting.
(Mayfair Vol. 16 No. 9 - September 1981)
Carrie and the Burglar
Carrie's ripped off when she tackles a bouncing burglar.
(Mayfair Vol. 17 No. 3 - March 1982)
Carrie the Butcher's Assistant (Mayfair Working Title "Christmas Story 1984")
Carrie helps out at the Butcher's, and ends up a game.
(Mayfair Vol. 19 No. 12 - December 1984)

Carrie and the Cadet School
Stripgirl Carrie is outmanoeuvered after her cheeky nude dip.
(Mayfair Vol. 18 No. 7 - July 1983)
Carrie Goes Camping
The laugh is on Carrie when her snub rebounds.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 10 - October 1978)
Carrie and the Cannibals
A jungle book at bedtime has Carrie the hunter in hot water.
(Mayfair Vol. 17 No. 4 - April 1982)
Carrie Loses at Cards (Mayfair Working Title "The Card Game")
A bum deal forces a royal flash from Carrie's ace pair.
(Mayfair Vol. 22 No. 3 - March 1987)
Carrie the Carnival Queen
"Queen" Carrie loses her thread with the Mayor.
(Mayfair Vol. 15 No. 6 - June 1980)
Carrie in the Car Park (Mayfair Working Title "The Car Park")
Two nosey-parkers put Carrie in a tight spot.
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 9 - September 1985)
Carrie at the Car Wash (Mayfair Working Title "The Car Wash")
Car wash capers leave Carrie with a gleaming chassis.
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 5 - May 1985)
Carrie the Castaway
Coconuts and Crusoe star in Carrie's desert island dream.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 11 - November 1978)
Carrie at the Cat Show
Carrie exhibits more at the cat show than she intended.
(Mayfair Vol. 12 No. 9 - September 1977)
Carrie at the Christening (Mayfair Working Title "The Christening")
What a holy mess when Carrie goes to a christening.
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 7 - July 1985)
Carrie on the CB Radio
Sporty Carrie makes a splash with her trucking CB buddies.
(Mayfair Vol. 17 No. 5 - May 1982)
Carrie the Chamber Maid
The breaks go Carrie's way, rebounding on a slap-happy husband.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 6 - June 1978)
Carrie the office "Christmas Fairy" (Mayfair Working Title "Fairy on the Tree")
Carrie gets needled but ends up at the top of the tree
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 12 - December 1985)
Carrie's Christmas Pudding
Carrie's Christmas pudding is enjoyed in an unusual way.
(Mayfair Vol. 15 No. 12 - December 1980)

Carrie and the Decorators (Mayfair Working Title "The Decorators")
Carrie finishes the paperwork for the stuck-up decorators.
Carrie and the Duck Hunt (Mayfair Working Title "The Bird Watcher")
Our game bird goes quackers after she gets a ducking.
(Mayfair Vol. 21 No. 10 - October 1986)

Carrie's False Alarm
A false alarm leaves our stripgirl burning.
(Mayfair Vol. 12 No. 8 - August 1977)
Carrie and the Fly (Mayfair Working Title "The Wasp Attack")
Things are buzzing for Carrie when she rages into a fly.
(Mayfair Vol. 21 No. 8 - August 1986)
Carrie plays Football
When our stripgirl gets sent off the referee goes too.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 4 - April 1978)
Carrie's Friday the 13th
It's an unlucky day for Carrie when she slips up on a date.
(Mayfair Vol. 19 No. 4 - April 1984)

Carrie the Gladiator (Mayfair Working Title "When in Rome")
Carrie's dream of a Colosseum clash is painfully pierced!
(Mayfair Vol. 23 No. 4 - April 1989)
Carrie plays Golf (Mayfair Working Title "The Golf Match")
There's a rough time ahead for our golfing Birdie.
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 8 - August 1985)
Carrie on a Gondola
The gondolier goes overboard at Carrie's accidental splash.
(Mayfair Vol. 16 No. 10 - October 1981)
Carrie The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful (Mayfair Working Title "The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful")
Wild West dreams spring a steely surprise on Carrie.
(Mayfair Vol. 22 No. 6 - June 1987)
Carrie the Guy Fawkes
Carrie's the Nov 5 fall guy but everyone enjoys her display.
(Mayfair Vol. 17 No. 11 - November 1982)

Carrie in a Hotel Disaster
Carrie's spin in the swing door ends in a game of pat-a-cake.
(Mayfair Vol. 12 No. 10 - February 1977)
Carrie's Hot Chestnut
Carrie's hot chestnut is quite a hot potato.
(Mayfair Vol. 16 No. 2 - February 1981)

Carrie the Ice Skater
Thaw feelings arise as our stripgirl skates.
(Mayfair Vol. 14 No. 1 - January 1979)
Carrie and the Icy Day
Carrie's slip puts her in the buff but not the bus.
(Mayfair Vol. 16 No. 1 - January 1981)

Carrie and the "Kilt" Assignment (Mayfair Working Title "Hogmanay Ball")
Great Scot! Carrie is sent on an undercover mission.
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 1 - January 1985)
Carrie meets King Kong (Mayfair Working Title "King Kong")
A post cinema shock makes a monkey out of our stripgirl.
(Mayfair Vol. 21 No. 7 - July 1986)
Carrie in the Kitchen
Kitchen disasters leave Carrie and cupboards bare.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 9 - September 1978)

Carrie the Lab Assistant
It's a lab delight as Carrie fails the acid test.
(Mayfair Vol. 14 No. 3 - March 1979)
Carrie and the Lady Driver
Problems pile up when Carrie tears a strip off a lady driver.
(Mayfair Vol. 19 No. 5 - May 1984)
Carrie gets stuck in the Lift (Mayfair Working Title "The Lift")
Our stripgirl is floored by a faulty lift.
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 3 - March 1985)
Carrie the Lingerie Model>
Carrie's modelling debut provides the buyers with a frill.
(Mayfair Vol. 12 No. 11 - November 1977)
Carrie and the Loch Ness Monster (Mayfair Working Title "Nessie")
GoodNess! Carrie's loughed up after a monster encounter.
Carrie at the Launderette (Mayfair Working Title "The Launderette")
Trouble with her washing gets Carrie into quite a lather.
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 2 - February 1985)

Carrie cracks the Maze (Mayfair Working Title "The Maze")
Carrie strips the maze problem to the bare essentials.
Carrie under the Mistletoe (Mayfair Working Title "Office Boy & Mistletoe")
Our mistletoe Miss all but misses her Christmas Kiss.
(Mayfair Vol. 21 No. 12 - December 1986)
Carrie the photographer's Model
Carrie's snapped up for glamour when she finds herself over exposed.
(Mayfair Vol. 18 No. 9 - September 1983)
Carrie at the Motor Rally
Carrie slips up as she tries to help a stuck up driver.
(Mayfair Vol. 14 No. 7 - July 1979)

Carrie's (Happy) New Year
Carrie takes the plunge on New Year's Eve and dampens her sporran.
(Mayfair Vol. 15 No. 1 - January 1980)
Carrie's New Year Party (Mayfair Working Title "New Year Ball")
Carrie's New Year starts with a bang - or two!
(Mayfair Vol. 22 No. 1 - January 1987)
Carrie and the Nudists
Carrie's sea-side trip leaves her without a stitch.
(Mayfair Vol. 15 No. 9 - September 1980)

Carrie and the "Old Ladies"
Soaked to the skin Carrie whets a couple of male appetites.
(Mayfair Vol. 15 No. 3 - March 1980)
Carrie at the Optician's
Carrie gives everyone an eyeful when she visits the optician.
(Mayfair Vol. 15 No. 5 - May 1980)

Carrie and the Painter
Carrie's brush with a painter brings colour back to her cheeks.
(Mayfair Vol. 17 No. 6 - June 1982)
Carrie's Pantomime
Carrie horses around but the going gets too hot at the Panto.
(Mayfair Vol. 15 No. 2 - February 1980)
Carrie in the Park
Our stripgirl's park bench surprise glues her to the spot.
(Mayfair Vol. 14 No. 4 - April 1979)
Carrie and the Pirates
Carrie's in for a jolly rogering in her buccaneering dream.
(Mayfair Vol. 17 No. 8 - August 1982)
Carrie runs out of Petrol
Our stripgirl feels fuel-less after she runs out of petrol.
(Mayfair Vol. 19 No. 10 - October 1984)
Carrie at the Photo-shoot (Mayfair Working Title "The New Star Model")
A snap decision puts clumsy Carrie in the picture.
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 11 - November 1985)
Carrie the Policewoman (Mayfair Working Title "Policewoman Carrie")
WPC Carrie's an arresting sight on point duty.
(Mayfair Vol. 22 No. 4 - April 1987)
Carrie the Post-girl
Post-girl Carrie, dogged by disaster, re-directs the male.
(Mayfair Vol. 18 No. 5 - May 1983)
Carrie the Punk (Mayfair Working Title "The Dress Shop")
A ill-fitting end for Carrie in her clothes shop.
(Mayfair Vol. 19 No. 11 - November 1984)

Carrie the Racing Car Driver
A racing pile-up gives Carrie a Smashing Time.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 3 - March 1978)
Carrie meets Raffles
Carrie's romantic dream-thief turns into ugly reality.
(Mayfair Vol. 14 No. 10 - October 1979)
Carrie Rehearses a Play (Mayfair Working Title "Play Acting")
Polishing up her part, Carrie has an undress rehearsal.
(Mayfair Vol. 23 No. 2 - February 1988)
Carrie and the Removals Men (Mayfair Working Title "The Removal Day")
Carrie's removals men shift more than her furniture.
(Mayfair Vol. 22 No. 7 - July 1987)
Carrie is Rescued
The rescue turns sour after Carrie has a nasty milk shake.
(Mayfair Vol. 17 No. 7 - July 1982)
Carrie in the Restaurant
It's just deserts for the waiter who crosses Carrie.
(Mayfair Vol. 16 No. 11 - November 1981)
Carrie Goes Rowing (Mayfair Working Title "The Boating Pool")
Is our oar-inspired water-baby out of her depth?
(Mayfair Vol. 21 No. 9 - September 1986)

Carrie at the Sales
A sale struggle gives Carrie an arresting time.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 1 - January 1978)
Carrie - Santa's Little Helper
Carrie drops in with a gift but ends up on the receiving end.
(Mayfair Vol. 18 No. 12 - December 1983)
Carrie Fills Santa's Boots
Carrie finds that one good Santa Leads to another.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 12 - December 1978)
Carrie and the Sealed Knot
Carrie's Civil War rout lets her in for cavalier behaviour.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 7 - July 1978)
Carrie in her School Uniform
A surprise present leaves Carrie with the whip-hand.
(Mayfair Vol. 12 No. 12 - December 1977)
Carrie in the Shoe Shop (Mayfair Working Title "The Shoe Shop")
Our Carrie puts her foot in it and gets the boot, poor sole.
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 10 - October 1985)
Carrie the Shop Window Dummy (Mayfair Working Title "A Model Dummy")
Carrie's no dummy when it comes to window undressing.
Carrie the Show Jumper (Mayfair Working Title "Show Jumping")
Showjumper Carrie falls, but gives a memorable display.
(Mayfair Vol. 23 No. 5 - May 1988)
Carrie the Singer
A talent show slip gives Carrie a showbiz strip.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 5 - May 1978)
Carrie Gets Taken by the Snatch Squad
Stripgirl Carrie fills two stockings and her Christmas Wish comes true.
(Mayfair Vol. 17 No. 12 - December 1982)
Carrie plays Snooker (Mayfair Working Title "The Snooker Match")
Our stripgirl is snookered - and right on cue.
(Mayfair Vol. 20 No. 4 - April 1985)
Carrie's Snow Sculpture
Our stripgirl gets the cold shoulder, and its snow joke.
(Mayfair Vol. 19 No. 1 - January 1984)
Carrie the Statue
Carrie whitewashes her mistake when she smashes her statue.
(Mayfair Vol. 14 No. 9 - September 1979)
Carrie at the Swimming Pool
Things go swimmingly for Carrie till jealousy takes a hand - and a leg!.
(Mayfair Vol. 17 No. 9 - September 1982)

Carrie the Teacher
Teacher Carrie's methods come in for a caning.
(Mayfair Vol. 15 No. 10 - October 1980)
Carrie in the Torture Chamber
Stripgirl Carrie has a torturous time in the tub.
(Mayfair Vol. 18 No. 3 - March 1983)
Carrie at the Toy Shop
Carrie's on the war-path after an arrowing time in the Toy Shop.
(Mayfair Vol. 17 No. 1 - January 1982)
Carrie at the Tramps Ball (Mayfair Working Title "The Tramps Ball")
Our lady is a tramp but she still has a ball.
(Mayfair Vol. 22 No. 2 - February 1987)
Carrie fixes the TV Aerial
Our stripgirl finally tumbles to why her telly is on the blink.
(Mayfair Vol. 18 No. 2 - February 1983)
Carrie and the TV Chat Show (Mayfair Working Title "The TV Show")
Our stripgirl's TV interview brings too much into view.
(Mayfair Vol. 21 No. 5 - May 1986)
Carrie's Twelfth Night (Mayfair Working Title "Twelfth Night")
It all comes down when Carrie clears up after Christmas.
(Mayfair Vol. 23 No. 1 - January 1988)

Carrie and the Vacuum Cleaner Demo
It's dust one of those things when Carrie cleans up.
(Mayfair Vol. 19 No. 2 - February 1984)
Carrie's Valentine Surprise
Carrie loses her heart to a cool customer.
(Mayfair Vol. 14 No. 2 - February 1979)
Carrie meets the Vampire (Mayfair Working Title "Dracula")
The Vampire strikes back at our stripgirl.
(Mayfair Vol. 21 No. 11 - November 1986)

Carrie hangs out the Washing
Carrie's wind-blown panties spell a sticky end to her wash-day.
(Mayfair Vol. 17 No. 2 - February 1982)
Carrie Goes Water Skiing
Carrie makes a big splash but gets her knickers twisted.
(Mayfair Vol. 15 No. 8 - August 1980)
Carrie visits the Waxworks
Carrie encounters an unexpected thrill in the Hall of Horrors
(Mayfair Vol. 12 No. 6 - June 1977)
Carrie the Window Cleaner
A Pane-ful time when Carrie falls for a lecherous customer.
(Mayfair Vol. 21 No. 6 - June 1986)
Carrie the Window Dresser
Carrie's the real dummy when she's window dressing.
(Mayfair Vol. 15 No. 11 - November 1980)
Carrie at the Women's Institute
Carrie stirs up a lot of trouble when she mixes it with the WI.
(Mayfair Vol. 14 No. 8 - August 1979)
Carrie at the Wrestling
A wrestling match gives Carrie a knotty problem.
(Mayfair Vol. 13 No. 2 - February 1978)

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