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Huizerduo sells vintage men's magazines on the basis of model identification. They specialize in 1970s, 1980s and 1990s mags & models. No matter which name she used in each individual magazine, they recognise your favourite glamour model, adult star or Page 3 girl from the pics.

BIKERSPLACETOO (the website)

Biker says he has always had a fascination for drawing sexy women. It all began when, as a pubescent school boy, he was lucky enough to be standing near his gorgeous Geography teacher just as a sudden gust of wind blew her skirt up revealing a pair of milky thighs. He went home in a daze and tried to recreate that image on paper.

He says "Bikersplace is an attempt to pay homage to wonderful artists from the golden age of the Pin-up, such as Gil Elvgren and Bill Ward, who have had such a healthy influence on my own artwork. I'm sure I was born 50 years too late, but I have some fantastic artists to emulate."

Features "the chronicles of Nicola Baron, a "Carrie-esque" B-movie starlet & model. Nicola's sexy exploits will titillate and amuse, as the gorgeous 'Knickers' strips her way from one hilarious misadventure to the next!"

used in the making of Carrie's Den

An excellent resource providing free, original DHTML scripts and components to enhance any web site! You'll find their scripts dotted all over Carrie's Den.

We first discovered Bravenet on Joanne Latham's site. They administer our mailing list and also hosted the recent poll we held here at Carrie's Den. In our experience they give an excellent service and all for free.

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