Carrie is a cover girl again ... on an amusing new book.

British troops in the trenches during the Great War wrote various acronyms on the envelopes of their letters home to loved ones:
  • Some were sweet and poignant: HOLLAND - Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies
  • Others were of a more earthy, lustful nature: BURMA - Be Undressed Ready My Angel
  • But the most amusing of all of these had to be: NORWICH - ’Nickers Off Ready When I Come Home
Inspired by these ingenious creations, writer Jon Mountfort has devised over 150 clever and witty acronyms for towns and places and uses them to take the reader on an amusing and original tour of Great Britain.

Black Lacy Arse-Crack Knickers Peeping Out Over Leggings

Eat, Drink, Imbibe Nine Beers, Urinate, Rant, Get Hammered...

Most places get a little pen picture which serves to set the acronym in context.

Whether you just dip in and out, or read it from cover to cover, you are sure to find something in there to tickle even the most jaded funny bone, and having Carrie on the cover is an added bonus.

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