The Many Faces of Carrie

As the saying goes "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Carrie is anything but dull and that is due in no small measure to the frequency with which we see her playing.

Lawrence and Kingston both sent her on camping trips. She was also depicted by both artists as being fond of playing cards (strip poker, naturally).

Virtually all of Capaldi's stories depicted Carrie at play in some form or other, exemplified by her trip to the Fun Fair when a ride in the "Tunnel of Love" left the poor girl completely knackered.

An early Kingston story depicted Carrie as a member of the Sealed Knot, and exposed her to some cavalier behaviour from the male members of her platoon.

While Christmas and New Year invariably found Carrie in party mood, like the time she fell into the fountain in Trafalgar Square and had to be rescued by these two brawny lads, who may not themselves have made a wish - but certainly made our's come true!

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