The Many Faces of Carrie

Poor Carrie has worked her way through a variety of jobs over the years but no matter what she does the outcome (fortunately) is always the same.

Lawrence even sent her for an interview, but the prospective employer clearly had more than dictation in mind when he asked if she would take something down.

As you will see from our
Spanking page, Carrie's spell as a trainee teacher earned her "bottom marks".

She also went for an audition, twice, once under Lawrence and again later under Kingston, and although on neither occasion did things turn out quite how she hoped, they both revealed hidden depths to her character that we can all appreciate.

Our friends over at "UNDERGROUND ANIMATIONS") kindly animated the scene on the right from the Lawrence story for us.

Mario Capaldi's adventures all tended to concentrate on the social side of Carrie's life. Whether her stint as a Lifeguard was paid work or just a voluntary activity we never found out and it clearly made little difference to the guy whose life she "saved" when he subsequently tried to hit on her!

The Steve Kingston era saw our heroine move through a succession of jobs leaving a trail of disaster in her wake, be it as a window cleaner, a shop assistant, postgirl, lab technician, receptionist or perhaps strangest of all - a butcher's assistant.

Long may she continue to screw up!

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